Atlantic Starr CD Release Party

Come Experience a sneak preview, playing their selected tracks from the forthcoming album “Metamorphosis” CD at the “Atlantic Starr” CD Release Party, Hosted by: WBLS 107.5 FM & SIRUS XM Radio personality Jeff Fox. Dance, mingle, and be a part of a Facebook live stream up close and personal interview with the group members “Atlantic Starr” on the 22nd of April, 2017 in New York City !

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Pump it up Magazine “When you listen to songs by Atlantic Starr, it is much like starting at a stunning painting”


There is something truly amazing about people coming together to make music. Creating songs is a little bit like making paintings: the colors truly have to fit together, in order to foster harmony for the canvas. Otherwise, they would only be senseless splashes of paint! When you listen to songs by Atlantic Starr, it is much like starting at a stunning painting, where every little bit of color is in its right, perfect place.

Musically speaking, this phenomenally talented quartet is all about bridging the gaps between various musical genres, from the lightness of pop to the passion of soul and the grooves of R&B, and so much more than that. The group’s new single “My Best Friend”, is a positive song with some uplifting lyrics and some melodies that will certainly reach deep within your heart and consciousness.
This song comes at a very special time of the year, right before Valentine’s Day!


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Soul Tracks Magazine Chooses “My Best Friend” As February Song of the Month

Los Angeles, CA (February 4, 2017) – Today, Glenn Friedman, The Music Umbrella International Consultants, announced that the ever popular R&B Soul group Atlantic Starr™ will release their brand new single (My Best Friend) on February 14th, Valentine Day. Michael shared,= take out “With a history of super releases like the classic world wedding song “ALWAYS” plus their two platinium albums “Brilliance” and “As The Band Turns” along with their heavily praised triple platinum album “All In The Name Of Love” their newest single “My Best Friend” has all the ear markings of another super hit for the group.”


Soul Tracks Magazine writes, “”My Best Friend” is the first single from the upcoming new album, MetaphorphosisWe’re proud to present it as our SoulTracks Song of the Month for February, with two  cool videos for the song to boot.”

Atlantic Starr has honed its marvelous sound over time from one generation to another.  From the early days when the Lewis brothers would know a home filled with aunts and uncles and Mom and Dad who would share the gift of music. with everyone that entered their home. remove  To more recent days of performing in front of the giant crowds at such notable events as the Buzz Super Fest and Soulful Festival.  In countries all around the world such as ( Taiwan, China, The Philippines, Japan, South Africa, UK, Ireland ,the European continent ,  Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia,  Malaysia, & Mexico  one thing stands clear, Atlantic Starr is delivering  romantic ,soul infused rhythm&blues with a twist of innovation that audiences everywhere love.  This past March the group was honored to receive an official proclamation from their home city, White Plains NY announcing March 29, 2016 as Atlantic Starr day.  This prestigious honor came about due to group’s commitment to community service and notes the members of the group as outstanding individuals.  Learn more about Atlantic Starr and their vast collection of timeless music by choosing one the EZ links below